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Martin Vallières
Philippe Després
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Systematic evaluation of robustness and exploitation potential of radiomic features in magnetic resonance imaging.

In medical imaging, radiomic features make it possible to characterize heterogeneity of a region of interest at the anatomical level. This way of quantifying the heterogeneity of a region of interest can be useful, for example, in order to identify the more aggressive tumors in oncology. To do this, we hypothesize here that variation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition sequences and its resulting different levels of contrast would make it possible to optimize the subsequent radiomic analysis.
In this project, a pipeline for the analysis of real medical images will first be set up in order to quantify the robustness of radiomic characteristics according to variations in acquisition protocols. Then, an MRI acquisition simulation pipeline will be developed in order to evaluate the potential for optimizing radiomic features in medicine.


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