Training seminar on oral presentations to general public

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What is the training seminar on oral presentations to general public?

This seminar is an opportunity to equip students with the aim of assisting them to communicate their scientific work to large public. It is also an excellent exercise for those who aim to participate in the "My thesis in 180 seconds" competition.

Given by whom? 

Ms. Valérie Borde, science journalist and moderator at Centre d’excellence Déclic sur le dialogue entre les scientifiques et le public (Centre Déclic) and head of the science and health office of L'actualité magazine.

When? Thursday, November 26, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Where? By Zoom, the link will be sent after registration.

For who? Graduate students (M.Sc., Ph.D.), postdoc fellows and researchers. 

Cost? Free.  

This activity is co-organized by the Department of microbiology, infectiology and immunology and the direction des programmes de maîtrise et doctorat en microbiologie-immunologie.

How to register? You have to complete this registration form and a personalized link will be send to connect by Zoom.



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Student member : Gabriel Couture

This project consists of establishing good practices in health data management and building a software infrastructure in order to apply them.

We have developed pipelines that allow daily recovery of brachytherapy treatment data in order to calculate and store their dosimetric indices in a database dedicated to research. These indices are essential for planning radiotherapy treatments and for estimating their quality.

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