Reconciliation & EDI

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MITACS training

Fostering a culture of reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusion – Self-paced e-learning. Asynchronous course – 60 min 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Explain why reconciliation and equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) actions are needed 
  • Articulate the concepts of reconciliation and EDI (REDI) in your workplaces 
  • Recognize situations where increased REDI is needed 
  • Describe how you can play a role in improving REDI 
  • Recognize and implement ways to break down cultural barriers and foster a diverse, inclusive workplace 

Incorporating REDI into your project – Facilitated session. Synchronous course – 90 min 


The facilitated session will have participants identify the REDI considerations for their project and discuss how to incorporate these principles into their project plan, their project team and their project methodology.  



Featured project

This research project is based on the analysis of massive data on the NOL index and other intraoperative clinical parameters used by anesthesiologists during surgery. These parameters help them make analgesic treatment decisions in a non-communicating patient under general anesthesia and in whom it is impossible to assess pain and analgesic needs by standard questionnaires performed on awake patients. 
First, the objective is to interpret the values of this index in relation to the decisions made by the clinician. 

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