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Whether discussing encryption policy or various types of surveillance, the question is often posed as "security versus privacy."

In fact, in a world of ubiquitous surveillance and borderless wars, those conflicts are really conflicts over differing notions of security. In this talk " Securing Us: How the Issue Isn't Really Security versus Privacy After All", Susan Landau will focus on two topics:

  • The encryption wars,
  • And use of communications metadata.

This presentation aims to show how what appears to be a security versus privacy issue is really a security versus security one.

Speaker :

Susan Landau
Bridge Professor in Cyber Security and Policy, The Fletcher School and Professor of Computer Science, Tufts University.

This event is organized in partnership with :

HumanIA, CRE, IVADO, EY, MILA, Chaire de recherche du Canada en analyse respectueuse de la vie privée et éthique des données massives, ESG UQAM et l'OBVIA.


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