McMedHacks: Week 1/Introduction to classical machine learning

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McMedHacks is an 8-week-long program that aims to teach students and researchers fundamentals of medical image analysis and deep learning in Python.

It consists of a series of in-depth workshop demos with Google Colab and seminar series given by leaders in the field. McMedHacks is a program organized by the EngerLab at McGill Medical Physics Unit and the Lady Davis Institute.

EngerLab is a part of McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer as well as the Cancer Research Network. 

Theme and program of week 1 : Introduction to classical machine learning

  • June 12th (Sun): Introduction to classical machine learning
  • June 15th (Wed): Classical machine learning: A case study XGBoost
  • June 17th (Fri): Introduction to image processing: Image IO and image transformations


Featured project

The project consists in determining and exploring the possibilities offered by dynamic dashboards in a medical context as well as the associated data management structures. The project therefore considers several aspects of data management. In this sense, the considerations related to DICOM data transfers as well as different approaches to their management and conservation are considered. In addition, the dashboards will be designed to ensure an effective, clear and concise presentation with recognized visualization tools.

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