Data Ownership Series Part 5: The Open Science and Open Data Context

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This webinar will address research data ownership in the context of Open Science and Open Data. Speakers will include Richard Gold, James McGill Professor in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at McGill University, and a second speaker who will be confirmed shortly.

The speakers will discuss how research data ownership and intellectual property factor into the open science and open data, particularly in terms of policy development, and will also discuss the challenges and opportunities of open science and open data as they relate to innovation.



Featured project

Student member : Gabriel Couture

This project consists of establishing good practices in health data management and building a software infrastructure in order to apply them.

We have developed pipelines that allow daily recovery of brachytherapy treatment data in order to calculate and store their dosimetric indices in a database dedicated to research. These indices are essential for planning radiotherapy treatments and for estimating their quality.

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