Bypass or be platformed? face challenges with platforms in social science research

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LabCMO – Laboratoire sur la communication et le numérique

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Media platformization leads organizations to adapt to the models of dominant social media companies by which they want to communicate with their audiences. This adaptation, when it is devolved to relationists such as online community managers, implies practices and tactics for circumventing platform standards, as much as it generates dependencies. But what about the researchers who study these professional practices? How to do with these platforms, without being guided by them? Can we poach them by tinkering with our methods?

This presentation will offer a reflective return on the effects of the platformization of communication research by questioning its consequences on the practices of researchers, in particular concerning the ethics of research. It will also address technical avenues for circumventing standards, as well as questions to open up the debate: should we "hack" the platforms so that they do not "hack" our research?

This event is organized by the LabCMO – Laboratoire sur la communication et le numérique in collaboration with the Groupe Éthique et Numérique en Information-Communication (GENIC) de la Société Française des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication (SFSIC). 


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