Directeur.e(s) de recherche
Nadia Lahrichi
Philippe Richebé
Start date
Title of the research project
Intraoperative analgesic treatment decisions based on the NOL index: contribution of a data-based approach to improve accuracy and relevance

This research project is based on the analysis of massive data on the NOL index and other intraoperative clinical parameters used by anesthesiologists during surgery. These parameters help them make analgesic treatment decisions in a non-communicating patient under general anesthesia and in whom it is impossible to assess pain and analgesic needs by standard questionnaires performed on awake patients. 
First, the objective is to interpret the values of this index in relation to the decisions made by the clinician. 
The second step is to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm that can guide decision-making for greater precision and better anesthetic safety for the patient.


Featured project

Student member : Gabriel Couture

This project consists of establishing good practices in health data management and building a software infrastructure in order to apply them.

We have developed pipelines that allow daily recovery of brachytherapy treatment data in order to calculate and store their dosimetric indices in a database dedicated to research. These indices are essential for planning radiotherapy treatments and for estimating their quality.

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