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Louis Archambault
Michèle Desjardins
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Effect of oxygen pressure in cancerous tissue cells on radiotherapy treatments

Radiotherapy treatments currently used in the clinical field are rarely modified. They generally consist of a global therapy of 50 grays, fractionated in five treatments of two grays every week for five weeks.
Thus, it could be worthwhile to develop a numeric tool, based on mathematical models found in the literature, in order to compare different types of treatment without having to test them on real tissues. Several parameters are known to alter the tissue response after irradiation including oxygen
partial pressure in irradiated regions, particle type hitting the tissue, and treatment duration.

The Python code created as the main part of the project is intended to facilitate the optimization of radiotherapy treatment by generating graphs showing cell survival after a certain number of fractions, taking many parameters into account. When completed and integrated to a graphical interface, the code will be easy to use and helpful for ongoing research projects.


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