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Dès le 3 décembre 2020
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Québec’s Chief Scientist and the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) are pleased to present a new tool for members of the research community to raise awareness of the responsible conduct of research. The tool aims to foster awareness of best practices for the responsible conduct of research among students and researchers through activities focused on decision making in real research contexts.

Easily adaptable to different research contexts, this flexible tool may be used by modules or activities to complement other training initiatives or to facilitate reflection and discussion as part of courses and between research team members. This tool may not be used for commercial purposes. Once completed, it will be made up of three independent modules on various themes.



Featured project

Student member : Gabriel Couture

This project consists of establishing good practices in health data management and building a software infrastructure in order to apply them.

We have developed pipelines that allow daily recovery of brachytherapy treatment data in order to calculate and store their dosimetric indices in a database dedicated to research. These indices are essential for planning radiotherapy treatments and for estimating their quality.

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