Scientific communication workshop

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Sentinelle Nord

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Between doing research and talking about your research, there is a whole world, a language to learn.

This practical and interactive training aims to equip young researchers in their effort to effectively popularize their research to the general public or researchers from other disciplines.

This workshop will be an opportunity to:
· Acquire the basics of science popularization;
· Explore the different channels and platforms to communicate your science;
· Develop skills in writing a relevant, structured, clear, concise, fluid and lively popularized scientific article.

The presentation will be in French and slides in English. The question period will be bilingual.

Guest expert :
· Damien Grapton, science journalist


Featured project

The discovery of antimicrobial agents was one of the great triumphs of the 20th century. The sobering news is that antibiotic resistance was part of the process as well. If nothing is done by 2050, antimicrobial resistance  (AMR) will cost $100 trillion with 10M people/year expected to die ( Factors driving AMR extend beyond human healthcare with implications in veterinary medicine, agriculture and the environment (the One Health approach).

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