NRC Responsible Data Speakers' Series, Theme 1

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The NRC Responsible Data Speakers' Series will occur approximately bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoons (eastern time) from mid-September 2021 until the end of March 2022.
Through twelve 90-minute interactive talks, participants will explore four themes in responsible data:
A. Responsible use of Internet-Derived Data
B. Cultural Knowledge and Community Data in research and publication
C. De-identification and anonymization of data for sharing or collaborative research purposes
D. Interoperability in Research Data Storage and Analysis Platforms


Featured project

The project consists in determining and exploring the possibilities offered by dynamic dashboards in a medical context as well as the associated data management structures. The project therefore considers several aspects of data management. In this sense, the considerations related to DICOM data transfers as well as different approaches to their management and conservation are considered. In addition, the dashboards will be designed to ensure an effective, clear and concise presentation with recognized visualization tools.

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