Legislative news Data: Impacts on the governance and management of health data

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Table nationale des directeurs de la recherche

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The "Data Access" initiative of the National Table of Research Directors, co-piloted by the CHUM Research Center and the Quebec Health Research Fund, invites you to a free webinar dedicated to the entire community of research : administrators, researchers, professionals, patients and collaborators ...

The first event in a series of four meetings, this webinar will present the concrete impacts of the latest Quebec bills on the governance and management of data in the research centers of health establishments and other public research organizations.

Organized in collaboration with the cabinet Norton Rose Fulbright Canada, this webinar will cover the following topics:

  • New roles and responsibilities of research centers and organizations
  • Governance Policies and Procedures Required by Bills
  • Development and Evaluation of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)
  • Health data management and new security standards
  • Management of data access requests for research


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This project studies the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and data science on public discourse, as well as their usage by the new content providers on the Web. 
It will tackle the ethical aspects of learning algorithms and recommendation filters implemented by internet companies to select and present content to the user. Specifically, the project investigates the consequences of such algorithms on public health, especially in the propagation of medical misinformation and pseudo-medicine.

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