How to write a paper and publish it in a high ranking science journal?

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Publishing your research in an influential journal requires more than a solid study. Publishing in a high impact science journal boosts academic status and improves career prospects. Therefore, publishing is a competitive exercise: many articles are submitted, but not all of them are accepted. For example, of nearly 11,000 articles submitted in 2013 to Nature magazine, only 856, around 7.8%, were published. How to get there?

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Dr Lars H. Lindholm, doctor, researcher and professor at Umeå University, Sweden.


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Radiotherapy treatments currently used in the clinical field are rarely modified. They generally consist of a global therapy of 50 grays, fractionated in five treatments of two grays every week for five weeks.
Thus, it could be worthwhile to develop a numeric tool, based on mathematical models found in the literature, in order to compare different types of treatment without having to test them on real tissues. Several parameters are known to alter the tissue response after irradiation including oxygen

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