Ethics+EDI in digital intelligence

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FREE workshop upon registration, open to all the IVADO community

You are a researcher, a student or a professional involved in digital intelligence? You want to learn how to manage moral dilemmas, potential risks and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) implications in your projects? This workshop is for you! We will introduce you to ethics in AI and EDI and we will invite you to take part in a case study on bias and discrimination in AI. The main goal will be to give you tools to analyze a situation and determine action points.


-Carl Mörch, Postdoctoral researcher, Université de Montréal and Mila

-Mariloue Daudier, EDI Advisor at IVADO.

Join us online to participate in a collective reflection on building a more responsible, ethical and inclusive digital intelligence community!


Featured project

The aim of this doctoral thesis is to develop a tool able to automatically provide organs of interest segmentation in computed tomography images using machine learning techniques.

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