Directeur.e(s) de recherche
Arnaud Droit
Start date
Title of the research project
Development of deep learning algorithms for clinical diagnosis using mass spectrometry data

The first objective of the project is to design efficient convolutional network classification models (CNNs) using mass spectrometry data (1D and 2D) for clinical diagnosis (cancer and infection).

Once finalized, the second objective is the interpretation of these classification models in order to identify spectral regions of interest that may correspond to new diagnosis or therapeutic biomarkers.


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This project studies the consequences of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and data science on public discourse, as well as their usage by the new content providers on the Web. 
It will tackle the ethical aspects of learning algorithms and recommendation filters implemented by internet companies to select and present content to the user. Specifically, the project investigates the consequences of such algorithms on public health, especially in the propagation of medical misinformation and pseudo-medicine.

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